Clean Up Carwash - Graphic Design

For Clean Up Carwash we designed various elements. We designed canvas signage, advertising columns, flyers, posters and more. There was already a corporate identity in place so it was important that the designs would fit within their identity. 


Flyer design
Posters design
Advertising columns
Canvas signage 


What we did

Clean Up Carwash needed a design for their washing program. Designing a washing program involves quite a bit of psychology. Since you want to maximize the chances that the customer will choose the most profitable option, every little detail matters. Research shows, for example, that bright colors are perceived as more attractive. The sizes of the programs also matters. Due to our competitive nature most people will choose something that is pictured larger than something that is pictured smaller. Below you can see the final result. 

Clean Up Carwash was very satisfied with the design of the washing programs. They needed several designs for promoting the opening of their carwash and choose Birdie Design again. We designed an advertising columns (in the image below it’s one piece, but in reality it’s three separate pieces that are place on top of one another), a flyer promoting their opening, a flyer promoting their Facebook page, canvas signage and various posters. The flyer for the opening is adjusted regularly with new discounts.



For Handelsonderneming Dickie I designed an abstract logo design.

Dickie wood logo design
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