Free website analysis

Ever wondered if your website is performing as well as it should? Almost every website has areas in which it can be improved. Sometimes the technique behind a website isn’t up to par or there are improvements necessary on the SEO front. That’s why I’ve developed a free website analysis. 

Every month I give a way 4 free website analysis worth €50,-  away. This is an extensive analysis of your website in which I look for what your website is good at (always good to know) and what needs improvement. I look for findability of your website (SEO), the technique behind your website, whether your website is mobile-friendly and more. As a designer I also look whether your design is still up to date. I’ll advise you whether or not a redesign might be something to consider. 

With my website analysis you’ll receive tips to improve your website. Sometimes the improvements are easily done by yourself and sometimes it’s necessary to get professional help from a webdesigner or developer. The goal is to get a more professional and user-friendly website. Of course I’m happy to help you with any improvements, but of course this isn’t mandatory. Interested in a free analysis? Fill in the contact form below.

free website analysis by Birdie Design

Yes, I want to receive my free website analysis!

Curious to see how well your website is performing?  I only give 4 analysis per month away. Don’t wait any longer and receive free professional advice on your website. Fill in the contact form to receive your free analysis. 

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