InnoVesta - Name & Branding

With this project Birdie Design would not only design a modern logo design, but also invent their business name. A fun and challenging project! The client is a project developer who focusses on large-scale logistics and redevelopment of commercial real estate. They were looking for a name and logo that would look chic, smart, young, enervating and innovative.


Company name
Logo design
Business cards design
Powerpoint template


What we did

With this in mind we came up with 5 proposals from which InnoVesta Projectontwikkeling (in English project development) was chosen. InnoVesta is derived from innovative and invest. The name is a great fit with what they were looking for. 

After this, the next step was to design the logo. With the logo design we also kept in mind the core values. Of the three proposals this modern logo design was chosen. The design is robust and young, but also chique and elegant. The logo can be used on both a white as a dark background, making the logo versatile.
After this project the client needed a PowerPoint template. Because the logo uses lines and is italic we thought it would be nice to use that for the template. In the template there is a lot of room for text, headlines and captivating photography.

After all of this Birdie Design also designed the business cards. There are two versions of the business card. One with a white background and one with a dark background. The design is chic, modern and clean. 


Harper Real Estate

This was an unofficial project just for fun. We liked the end result so much we decided to put it in our portfolio. 

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