Jan van Seters - Logo, CV and website

Birdie Design was asked to design a logo, cv and website for countertenor, conductor and vocal coach Jan van Seters.

This project was extra challenging, because I also had a role as a photographer!


Logo design           Resume design
Website design      Photography  

J monogram met muzieknoot logo


About the project

Not only is Jan a conductor, but he’s also a singer and vocal coach. This ment that I couldn’t simply focus on one discipline. It was a wish that ‘music’ would also connected to the logo. That’s why I’ve chosen to use a music note. That way the logo is musical, but not with specific to anything (like a microphone, instrument, etc). We’ve also played with the thought to add a ‘S’ to the monogram, but that didn’t work out too well. 

The end result is a modern, elegant and musical logo design. The logo is modern, but not too corporate of business like. The serifs of the ‘J’ gives this logo a classic and elegant touch. 

After the logo I designed Jan’s resume. When designing a resume it’s important that the resume is visual appealing, but also easy to read and ‘scan’ for important information. Of course the design fits well with the logo and website.

The website design

The main goal of the website is to inform. Think about people who are looking for more information about Jan and his concert calendar. A second goal is to make it easy to contact Jan for those people who are interested. With this in mind I’ve designed the website.

A clear, uncluttered website design is very important, especially with the goals of the website in mind. Like for example a biography text can be pretty lengthy, a real ‘wall of text’. Chances are that most visitors won’t read a long text. That’s why I’ve used a timeline on the About page to make all the information a bit more fun and easier to read. Of course I’ve also made sure to use enough white space since white space plays a big role in making a website easy to read and navigate. 

Jan didn’t have any suitable photos I could use on the website. I like to photograph in my free time so that’s why I also took this role upon me. So that made this project extra challenging, but also a lot of fun. In the end we used 4 photos of mine for the website. It’s unlikely that photography will be among my services, but it’s was really fun to do. 

Check out the logo design, resume and video of the homepage of the website. Of course you can also see Jan’s website live (only in Dutch).

logo J monogram met muzieknoot - muzikaal logo ontwerp
CV ontwerp countertenor en dirigent Jan van Seters


Inner Leadership

For the Swiss company Inner Leadership I designed a logo, corporate identity and a WordPress website. I also helped setting up a email campagne.

Inner Leadership Logo Ontwerp op Donker Papier
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