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This is a personal project of mine. MDRN HOME is a webshop for modern wall decoration. I’m selling posters, photos on canvas and paintings. I also blog about interior design, traveling, wall decoration tips and much more. It’s a fun project which allows me to put all my creativity in it and makes my passions come together: design, photography, traveling and more.


Company name
Logo design  
WordPress website
Flyer design


What we did

The logo design suits the style of the website. I’m selling modern, industrial, minimalistic and abstract works so I made the decision to keep the logo clean and simple. It’s chic and sophisticated.

I build the website with WordPress. I used the X theme which is an excellent and professional theme. As a bonus it also comes with a few free premium plugins which comes in handy. Within the theme there is still plenty of room for designing and making the look of the theme your own. I choose a modern and minimalistic design which fits the logo and the products I’m selling. This is also evident in the color use: black, white and a touch of bright red. 
The webshop uses the famous plugin Woocommerce. A wonderful plugin which makes otherwise difficult tasks a piece of cake. With WordPress you don’t have to code a whole lot, but I did adjust a few things. For example the black border in the navigation bar. 

Below you’ll see a few mockups of the designs. Curious to see the website live in action? Check out the websit by clicking here.


Clean Up Carwash

For Clean Up Carwash I designed a carwash program, flyers, posters and much more. 

Clean Up Carwash-carwash program
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